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    Sunset kite sessions - Raw footage

    Sunset out in the flats with the Kitty Hawk Kites crew, just before the sun went down and the sky lit up on fire.  

    Salvo NC kiteboarding

    We went out to film just before the storm rolled in and had the sound to ourselves.  

    OBX Surfing POV

    Pure ASC aerial ambassador Quentin Turko getting some shade in this original edit by Jasin Kania. 

    OBX late April and early May surfing

    Late April early May surf was going off in the Outer Banks.   Captured by Pure ASC drone.  Featuring various surfers, with Quentin Turko and Jeff Myers getting some serious air time!

    Quentin Turko Surfing - Aerial

    I had a chance to catch up with local OBX surfer Quentin Turko and surf photographer Jon Carter on a glassy day and film a shoot with the drone.   Gnarly day.   This video embodies the fun factor of scoring some waves all to yourself.