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    Pure Action Sports Company was started out of necessity and a desire to give back to the community.  

    At the age of 26, I was ran over by a car that ran a stop sign while I was on my motorcycle.   I had to give up a successful construction company that I owned at the time because I couldn't manage the business, let alone walk for almost 6 months.  

    The next few years were full of rehabilitation and pain management.  I couldn't do the things I loved anymore.  I couldn't run, mountain bike, surf, or snowboard…all things that I lived for previously.  I suffered with internal bleeding issues due to the accident, and subsequent challenges with pain management and medications that just made things worse.   

    A few years later, though still in daily pain, I decided I was going to get back on a motorcycle, only this time, I would learn how to ride at the race track, where there were safety barriers in place.   It was one of the most freeing things I found that I could do, where I wasn't in constant pain.   I trained with Team Pro-Motion Sportbike Club, and started honing my abilities on a sport bike, really riding a bike the way it was meant to be ridden.  

    I met so many people in the first few years that I rode that truly inspired me.  Among these were people who had lost limbs, or become paralyzed.   During this time, I began to challenge myself, to let go of the depression I was feeling, and be happy for the abilities that I still had.   My discussions with these amazing people that I had the pleasure of interacting with inspired me.  

    Still unable to run, or really balance at all on a surfboard, I began to transition from riding my motorcycle at open track events, to racing.   My first year racing as an amateur, with one double points race weekend left and the possibility of sealing a championship and another top 3 position, I came from the back of a 50 rider grid to the front of the field on a start and crashed, leaving my hopes for the championship at the racetrack, while I was in the hospital with a fractured sternum, dislocated collarbone, punctured lung, two cracked vertebrae, and couple of broken ribs.   This time around, recovery took even longer.   Not only could I not walk, I couldn't even lift myself out of a chair.   I had a lot of time to think about my future.   I knew that I wasn't going to give up.   I wanted to do something meaningful with my life.   

    Starting Pure Action Sports was something I dreamed about since the first crash when I couldn't walk.  I wanted to create a business in which I could provide awareness or assistance to individuals who may have had to endure the pain or the depression that I had gone through, or worse.    

    I began Pure by selling the Hit-Air line of protective motorcycle vests for race use, introducing an unseen piece of Japanese manufactured safety gear to the U.S. Eastern race market.   For the next few years I traveled and raced, and brought awareness to these amazing devices which I watched first hand save lives.   I grew a market to having this product become something that is now widely used amongst every day track riders, as well as amateur and professional racers across portions of the country.  

    I still provided architectural design and construction management services, building a few houses over the years.  I bought and sold wake boats, and started manufacturing hand shaped wake surf boards, and ocean boards which were ultra light EPS foam with various stringers, tail shapes, bottom channels, and vector netting.   I had surfers who ripped my boards and loved them, and was getting a bit of validation that I might like to make a full time career of it.  

    At the height of my financial investment with Pure, I had to sue a construction client to get paid.   I won the case unanimously, but the process took two years, and I lost my entire life savings, emptying out my personal and business accounts, leaving me with absolutely nothing.  I was forced to sell my wake boats where we did testing and development of our new shapes, and I watched as other companies grew to CNC shape boards or churn out shapes from people that knew nothing at all about surfing.  It was at this time, when I was at my lowest and feeling crushed, that a friend of mine pushed me to put together a professional motorcycle race team.  

    In 2014, I stopped making surfboards completely, and we traveled the country, racing and building the Hit-Air network and the Pure name.  We finished the season winning a national endurance series championship, and we did it on a budget that was non-existent.   We did it with heart.   We did it with hard work, and we did it with the help from an amazing team of friends and sponsors that I had organized.  It was motivation to fuel my fire.   

    However, it wasn't without trials and tribulations.  During this year, a number of people close to me passed away.  It seemed like month after month, from close friends that raced to my grandmother's passing (my only grandparent), that I was faced with mounting grief.  Ten people in 12 months gone.  I couldn't get a break from the sadness I was dealing with. 

    About the same time, a trackside motorcycle vendor of mine, took it upon himself to breach the contract which we had, and toss a friendship aside, to try to take the Hit-Air business that I had spent years building, jeopardizing a large investment that we had made to establish a distribution system for the racing community.   It was all a little too much to handle, so I took a year off from the motorcycle scene to sit back and analyze the situation.  

    I began spending more time in the water, working out, building my strength, and praying to God.  Praying not only for peace from my grief, but praying for others who might need strength.  I've made it my mission to continually to try to inspire people through faith.   

    Over the past few years, I've become a better Christian, a better surfer, a more talented videographer.   I've redesigned the Pure business, and with the motto of Art, Fashion, Love.  As I travel to different surf destinations, I love meeting people, sharing stories and photos.   Pure is my story of perseverance.  Our apparel tells the story of athletes and locations that inspire me.  We have exclusive collaborations in the works with local surf shops in various coastal regions, and hope to expand and build upon the concept of generosity, giving back to amazing non-profits that we've been inspired by.  Our site is dynamic, ever changing, updated with limited edition prints on both apparel and canvas, all taken by the Pure aerial cinematography team, and we intend to have artists designs on our seasonal apparel that we feel are truly Pure. 

    We still carry the Hit-Air line of motorcycle protective vests, and time will tell how things work out in that arena, but my passion for surfing and filming has seemingly aligned with my artistic ability, and that's not something I'll soon give up on!  I promise you're going to see some amazing things come from our newly rebranded company. 

    I hope you enjoy the journey and will follow us as we grow.  Thanks for checking our company out!
    Live Free.  Live Pure.  
    -Jasin Kania-